Author Helen Hart declares the Bookery officially open

Author Helen Hart opens the new Bookery, funded by the PTA (Photo: Clint Randall)

With dedicated governors, first-rate staff and fabulous facilities, Hawkesbury Primary School provides a fantastic launchpad for our children’s education. The School also contributes a great deal of energy and interest to village life, working in partnership with community groups such as the local retirement home, the Gardening Club and Hawkesbury Pre-School to make the whole village a better place for our families to live.

What’s more, Hawkesbury Primary School has a fabulous PTA! We raise around £7,000 per year for facilities and resources – that’s around £70 per child! We provide a regular sum of money for each classroom, every term; educational, sports and play equipment; a significant contribution to the School’s purchases, such as paying for half the big screen in the school hall; and 50% of travel expenses for outings.

Together, we make a great team – and our children benefit hugely. We hope you will want to support and help us in all that we do.

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